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The Swells and Drops Make This Song Solicit Emotional Vehemence "Shove" by TREY.

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Gritty guitars open this intense and arguably confrontational message of…love?

I always adore full-sounding productions that replicate an orchestra of sound. This is a big stage song, even when just listening on headphones! TREY’s vocals make you feel like you are flying on his words. Then the rock and roll sound increases in both perceived speed and intensity, at the huge culmination of this obvious message of heartbreak. I felt metaphorical like I was running away in panic and pure angst, and yet was physically riveted me to my chair on every listen. I absolutely loved the 80’s inspired rock ballad sound. The swells and drops make this song solicit emotional vehemence! You can’t listen only once.

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