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The indie rock band’s latest single “Play” is a work of smooth change in style and music.

Courtesy of Purple Patch

Purple Patch hasn’t been shy about changing their style with each new release. The indie pop rock band from India is currently going through a transition era of unpacking new sounds, fresh ideas, youth love, combining it with inspirations from different artists, with glossy guitar-driven elements that run back the early 00s sound. Over previously released music, their sound keeps switching from soft rock to heavy guitar rock impressions. One would say their sound has matured with each of their releases yet at the same time keeping their own style at the forefront. Consider them if you will, an indie rock band that never sways away from trying anything new, positioning themselves for something that they truly believe in.

The rock band’s latest single “Play” offers a new experience for its listeners, something that the band is still venturing into, their new sound. Unlike their previously released music, “Play” is a song that has a completely magnetic atmosphere, catchy melodies, smooth vocals and overlaying ocean of guitars. This is a representation of a changed band, where they’re tapping into new sounds and ideas.

“Play” is a song about a girl you love and who loves to play in a very “caring-ly” manipulative way. The song starts with gentle guitar plucks and the vocals coming right in with the lyrics “she comes like angel crawling out her bed she looks at me with the sinister gaze”, and you’re already hooked. The interplay with singer Habib Khan and guitarist Darryl Paul evokes the idea of the early 2010s Maroon 5 sounds. Yet the band still sticks to their raw indie rock roots. The song has a very groovy bassline that surely would get one to groove with amusingly designed drums. The band has tried using electronic elements such the hi-fi synths, keys, organs and ambient noises that give the song a very modern sound. The chorus of the song starts with a sound of a “whip” which is really playful then diving into more rock sounding with a distorted guitar riff that plays along Habib’s vocals which are laid over powerful drums. “We wanted a song that was chic, modern and something that you would want to listen while you’re driving”, says singer Habib.

In the lyrics of the song, the band explores the playful ways of being in a fun-loving relationship, being seductive as well as gentle in a fugue state between dreams and reality.

The band indulges into a fantasy-like world that makes you feel you’re actually living in. Their versatility is a signpost and a reason for the songs they make. Depending on when you’ve gotten to listen to the band at a time, “Play” may or may not come as a surprise. Perhaps most impressively the band has smoothly managed a change in their sound and direction, on a playful note.

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