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The Hails and Magic City Hippies Team Up For “FIONA” Remix

The Hails and Magic City Hippies -The Cage, Cage Riot Music Magazine
Photo by Steph Estrada

By: Sophie Ray

The Hails, a Miami-based indie band, and Magic City Hippies have come together to remix the latter's latest single "Fiona", To celebrate the vibrant music culture in Florida, Pat Howard from Magic City Hippies created an original version and it was only fitting to collaborate on a remix. The remix is a perfect blend of spacey dance elements and their trademark driving guitar riffs and bouncy bass lines, all underpinned by a heavy reverb. This song takes them to the world of digital music while still maintaining the essence of their signature sound.

Musically, the track “Fiona” is inspired by the strong influence of Fiona Apple and the songs of her discography. This mysterious, supernatural rhythm and beat narrates the tale of being trapped in the world of an alluring woman as if she alone directs and controls life. With an otherworldly groove, the occult soundscape of this track paints a vivid picture of being captivated by a mysterious and alluring femme fatale. From the seductive rhythm to the enchanting lyrics, this entrancing piece of music tells the story of being caught in her orbit and helplessly succumbing to her enigmatic charm. For the Magic City Hippies remix of The Hails single, an entirely fresh sound was created, giving followers a glimpse into the imaginative experimentation that inspires them.

Excitement is in the air as The Hails have been on their Fun Run Tour. After playing with The Happy Fits and The Beaches, they are now joining forces with the moss for the next stint of the tour.

The Hails on Tour - review in The Cage, Cage Riot Music Magazine

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