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The Greeting Committee’s majestic new single “Anything But You”

Addison Grace feature in The Cage, a music discovery blog by Cage Riot
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The Greeting Committee’s majestic new single “Anything But You” dispatches the simplicity of writing a love song with rich musical arrangements.

The Greeting Committee "Anything But You" review - The Cage, a music blog by Cage Riot.
“Anything But You” single artwork

The Greeting Committee captures moments like a picture on a Polaroid with their music and emotion-drowned lyrics. With a backdrop of trying to simplify the complications of writing a love song, they’ve come up with a new single, “Anything But You”. The rockers chose to fight their basic instincts of composing something complicated ending up with a pure earworm.

“Anything But You” starts small with a sweet acoustic guitar playing chords before Addie comes in with her vocals, bringing along the whole band. The song encompasses different moods of falling in love and being in love. The verses widen, giving the song depth. As the arrangement slowly gathers layers of electric guitars, groovy bass lines, waves of synths and keys, and finally simple yet powerful drums all of them elevating the song into isolation of connection. Perhaps everyone feels the same when they’re in love as Addie sings “sitting in the backseat I don’t wanna talk about anything but you”, simple words with a lot of thematic weight. She doesn’t try to dress it up too much with complicated lyrics rather she’s kept it true and simple.

The overall arrangement is lushy and posh. The rhythms are easy and effortless. One could say “Anything But You” could easily relate to and translate into a perfect echoing sing-along for a live show. It has a snappy exuberance of a modern classic pop/rock song. The song’s perhaps owning to the sense of simplicity of being in love. The song is at its best when the whole band comes along in harmony giving it a completely different texture.

On the single, lead singer Addie Sartino said, “‘Anything But You’ is a song for the girl I love. It’s as simple and as complicated as that. Capturing the moment when everything in you becomes a megaphone telling the world how you feel with the windows down.”

The band has released an official music video with a supercut of their tour footage, the track is heavy yet carefree.

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Last month, The Greeting Committee released “Hopscotch,” their first single since the release of their critically acclaimed deluxe album Dandelion earlier this year. Met with praise from the likes of V Magazine and DORK, along with support from Apple Music’s New in Pop, New in Indie, Breaking Alternative, and New in Alternative playlists, as well as Amazon's Fresh Indie playlist, this release saw the band feeling the most themselves they have felt in years – apropos for the new era they are entering.

The band is currently in the middle of their headline To Feel Alright Again tour run. Selling out shows across North America and uniting fans in the communal embrace of live music, on the road is where The Greeting Committee feels most at home.

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