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The Folk-Pop Duo Lily & Madeleine Share Their Self- Discovery Single and Video "WINDOWLESS BEDROOM"

LILY & MADELEINE "WINDOWLESS BEDROOM" The Cage, a music discovery blog by Cage Riot.
Photo credit: Anna Powell Denton

Lily & Madeleine’s smooth and infectious rhythm will pull you into a journey of self-discovery with "Windowless Bedroom". What do you learn on this journey? You learn to embrace the uncertainty that comes with it.

Their warm and authentic harmonies gracefully weave in and out allowing you to sense how they harmonize effortlessly, creating deep smooth vocals.

Madeline explains, “'Windowless Bedroom' is about romanticizing and finding humor in the uncertainty and inevitable disappointments of life. The metaphor of a drab, lonely bedroom with no windows becomes a canvas for one's imagination to create a more ideal reality."

Under the skillful direction of Austin Webster, the video effortlessly transports viewers into the captivating dream world of Lily & Madeleine, offering an intimate glimpse inside their hometown art studio.

Webster skillfully captures an enchanting ambiance through a combination of pillow forts, nostalgic video games, and captivating art installations.

Webster shares, "We decided to crank the shutter down on our second camera to make this jarring, wispy look that transformed Healer into a chaotic, ethereal, fantastical dreamscape for Lily & Madeleine to explore."
Lily & Madeleine announce their enchanting fifth studio album Nite Swim - The Cage, a music blog by Cage Riot
Photo credit: Anna Powell Denton

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