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The Astronomers, “Like the Holidays” reminds us to live life like it's a holiday

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Photo by Jack Rindahl

Developing alt-pop duo, The Astronomers, are back with the summer banger, “Like the Holidays”. The upfront and present piano mixed with sweet synth lines and a catchy melody bring the song together into a hit. With a swung feel and carefree performance, the melody feels like summer. Relatable themes of uncertainties of youth, don’t stop the duo from channeling the excitement and anticipation of new chapters in life to imagine that every day's a holiday.

The celebrative production similar to AJR and Quinn Xcii also makes this a great listen. Says the duo about the production of the song, “The goal… was for it to sound like a celebration so it matched the hook ‘live every day like the holidays.’ The swung feel of the song and the carefree lyrics make this song a summer hit.” I especially found that this rang true during the verses, where the duo's melody truly shone through. The spoken samples in the bridge also added a nostalgic feel before the explosive last chorus.

If you’re looking to catch this hit live, The Astronomers will be opening for Portugal, The Man at Summerfest will support Fleece on their Fall 2022 Tour in Cleveland and Chicago, and will also have performances at Mile of Music Festival in August.

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