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Point Blank Society Releases Another Hit “Low Glow” But With a Twist

Photo by Andrea Escobar

“Low Glow” has a beat like a dance-pop song, but is chill and really made me feel like I had a drink in my hand and the sun was out, and I’m at my desk! Then it literally changes sensations like super slightly and gently (thanks for being gentle - lol jk) and I felt like I was in a nightclub and I’m literally now in the mood to head out to the local dance floor. The singing delivered is part crooner and part synth-pop. “I’d rather die and go to hell than live the life of someone else” is something I wish everyone had the strength to be able to endure and that lyric really connected me to this song and Point Blank Society. So here's the twist (my favorite parts are the ones of a song I have to search for) - when you look beneath the chill beats and mood it's much darker. The lyrics are meticulously laid out to show you there is deep pain and sadness, but it's seriously encrypted like a CIA firewall. I read it over and over, and I did realize it was like a challenge, and that made me read them even more. It pulled me in and got me on loop. The pain is apparent but who caused it is not.

"Why did they take you so soon

We leave on the lights because we miss you

They took you from us"

This is a far place of sadness from what I started feeling when I began listening to this song.

Point Blank Society knew this when the photo was chosen (above). I looked closer and realized the plant and sun are very intentionally fake. The attention of the "subject" of the photo is distracted and not entirely happy. Maybe the photo is a glimpse into that the surface is fake and this song hiding something? Great foreshadowing.

"Write my thoughts out in the night beneath a low glow

Before you know, it seems the pages overflow

It leads me back to the place I said I wouldn't go

The place that's filled with the parts of me I won't show."

I really enjoyed this.

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