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Tea Eater shares New Single and Video for “Double”

Tea Eater "Double" - The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot
Photo by Michelle LoBianco

Whaaat is going on? Tea Eater goes deep intellectually with “Double”, but you probably won’t notice at first.

In this funny and random video, Tea Eater combines Monty Python, Fred Armisen, and Benny Hill to deliver (serious?) thoughts on some shit, but the lyrics and message swim like a shark with its bite being beneath the surface.

I actually laughed during this video. The fishing, the stuffed dog. Just watch it, we are gonna talk about the message. The song itself is fun-punk (I’m famous in my own universe for making up new genres) because it doesn’t take itself too seriously. You can almost hear the laughter in the vocal delivery and at a show you will jump and mosh accordingly to this song without a thought in your mind. But past the comedy and yuk yuks it kind of awesomely delivers an interesting message.

Tea Eater is fronted by Tarra Thiessen of Gustaf and Sharkmuffin and says this: — “we create for ourselves. And, you know, the importance of not taking yourself too seriously. These versions of ourselves tend to make us get in our own way. By shedding our doubles and integrating the icky parts back into ourselves we’re able to become more whole and present”.

Ok so now I’m envisioning myself and now I SEE “Double”. Tea Eater AKA Tarra Thiessen you are the official owner of the phrase “Whaaat is going on?” I previously and overconfidently lived my life as one person until this song. Now every time “I see Double” I will live inside my brain dancing and head bopping to your rockin’ guitars and super punchy sound. If you are in public and a person walks up and demands a high five, walks away and comes back acting like a completely different person that’s me… showing you I AM “Double” and like a therapist you made me realize and accept this. Do you have Tuesdays available at 5 pm for follow-up visits?

Check out this song and have fun while learning a bit about yourself!

Tea Eater "Double" - review with The Cage, a music blog by Cage Riot.
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