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Svicideghost Shares “Bones” A Must Listen To Loaded With Deep Emotions.

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Angry and expressive, Svicideghost really unloads grief and despair in this dark listen. This song has no hints or alluding with the message; it is blunt and pointed and its lyrics bring a sense of emotion that allows us to see so many others have feelings like this too sometimes. The artist’s outpouring of what they ingest (via pill or needle) so they can be “consumed” to avoid the pain is a difficult message to embrace. How do we happily enjoy the track when we are so sad about the story? I think it’s important to address life’s experiences directly though. Fake smiles and picket fences adorned my childhood and although mine was overall happy, I saw many others suffering but was always told to, “put on a happy face” leaving those who had deep pain to do the same.

Today’s generation is stronger at recognizing these problems.

This track is such a smooth listen and it could easily have the lyrics swapped out for hip-hop or r&b track and that’s a compliment. Any song that has versatility like this will attract a lot of listeners.

I like this song and I’m hoping the artist themselves are ok and this was a path to escape. Life is a beat down without question. Jic you are in a bad place please reach out to someone or seek help. Maybe it’s your first run at a huge problem and you should not be left alone.

Check out “Bones” by Svicideghost on Cage Riots NOISE Playlist.

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