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Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Courtesy of Sofia Mills

Before we dive into Sofia Mills' debut album we first must know more about Sofia. After singing in a church choir, self-teaching guitar, and writing poetry, Sofia began creating her own songs as a sophomore. Outside of music, she loves her cats more than anything in the entire world.

Being only 19 years old a 9-track album is nothing to sneeze at. ‘Baby MagicShares details of the most pivotal moments in her coming-of-age experiences such as breakups with careless boyfriends, coming out as bisexual at age 15, and a longtime struggle with mental illness. As shown on her breakthrough single “Coffee Breath” (a self-produced track that’s amassed over 100 million streams on Spotify to date.

“Nostalgia’s my best friend when I’m writing songs,” Mills says. “They’re always about something sad, but it’s good because at least it’s somewhere for the sadness to go.” And with the release of Baby Magic, Mills hopes that outpouring might positively impact her listeners. “I feel like I’ve already built an amazing community with my audience, and I want to be a big sister to all of them,” she says. “I want them to know that boys aren’t everything and you can be happy without a relationship and there’s a standard for how you should be treated—and I think all that starts with being totally honest about everything I’ve been through.”

Baby Magic’ is Written entirely by Mills, produced by John Mark Nelson, and mixed by Jim Eno. The album is a captivating body of work, built on a potent tension between her dreamy romanticism and intense self-awareness. Baby Magic is both a celebration of the magic of youth and an honest reflection on unstable relationships and “dating the worst boys in the world.”

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