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See How Returns to Solo Creating After a 7-Year Hiatus With "Do It"

See How "Do It" - The Cage, a music blog by Cage Riot
Courtesy of See How

See How recreates and redefines an old adage with just a face and some emotion in “Do It” (well… 3 faces to be exact)

See How returned to solo creating after a 7-year hiatus at the urging of friends and family to “just get on and do it”. They should dole out more advice, I would certainly take it.

I’m not sure I’ve ever witnessed so many emotions and also received so many sensations by just looking at another human’s micro-expressions. You can witness the eyes of See How to glow and then wane but quickly return to glowing over and over again with what is typical and almost mundane surroundings. The video’s edits are swift and fixate on jumping off these tiny morsels of emotion that See How experiences and highlights them. When the motion goes to reverse …I’m literally elated and can’t believe that the new direction effect could make me even more fixated. Taking a phone call never seemed so interesting. Who called? About what? And the supporting actors in the background propel See How even further. Why does their elation - and seemly ecstatic responses to what can only be described as “walking a street in a city” - relay to me and us the viewers as so much fun and enjoyment?!

I think the adage “a picture is worth 1000 words” can be now updated to today’s standards and should say “60 frames per second can be an endless and mind-boggling loop of entertainment”. I also love how the title of the song “Do It” represents the simple but so relevant content of this video. The fact that just “doing” anything represents so much and the return of this creator.

Finally, the song is not to be overshadowed by the video’s creative presence. The track carries the mood and flows like a fast-moving river. Spiraling and swirling synths are overplayed with fast-rap lyrics that additionally keep the neurons on task just to keep up. Check out See How’s “Do It” today.

See How "Do It"- review in The Cage, Cage Riot Music Magazine
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