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Rising J-Pop Artist, Alyssa, Delivers Elegance with Rap-Style Prose.

The world’s language is music, but I didn’t know the Japanese language could be this sexy while sounding slightly pissed off all at the same time. International music is finally making its way to our airways on a grand scale and it’s exciting! Indie J- pop is hopefully going to be part of a trend where the music we all listen to daily is literally from everywhere on the globe. This power-pop- song standard has a hardened piano elegance, plus a power beat, and it's all mixed with rap-style prose. Alyssa’s “Candy” is a hot track. Anywhere you go the language of the people is different but the underlying message of love, heartbreak, and scandal remain the same. Is that what Led Zeppelin meant in the song remains the same? Google it and see if the Gods of Rock meant that in 1973 (hint -yup). Put this track on repeat and let’s push the floodgates of international music.

I am adding this to my brand new TSMMD (This Song Made My Day - now on Spotify) and our New Music Monday.


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