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Riley Lynch "DUDES LIKE THAT" is the hate song anthem you will love.

Updated: May 31, 2023

Riley Lynch Dudes Like That -Craig Claro - The Cage, a blog by Cage Riot
Photo courtesy of Riley Lynch

By: Craig Claro

Riley Lynch’s new release “DUDES LIKE THAT” begins with a paradox of sound. It’s a hate song anthem you will love. The song's first impression is a lo-fi supporting track for a literal “moment” that then swiftly is overshadowed by a powerful but looming vocal performance that’s crystal clear. It’s also placed high in the tracks mix with contrasting displays falling directly in line with the emotions described in the lyrics. This was significant to me because the song is all about having an expectation and it is dissolved before you have a chance to even absorb the “moment” which is how Riley immediately showed me how to feel.

I also loved the “twisted angst” and speech pattern which made me feel the way you do in a movie right where the main character (Riley) before the scene cuts to the part where they are imagining they are choking the person they hate violently, and then it snaps back to where they are sitting across the table from this “DUDE LIKE THAT” and just realize it was a dream. You know, it’s funny, but also makes you go “is this really my life right now?!?!”

Lyrics that made me giggle and feel anger all the same time:

Drinks IPAs and Cabernets brags a lot for someone without any taste

A business casual disgrace

Gaslighting garbage can

You’ll never truly be a man

He interrupts you every time you want to talk

And he’ll hook up with the one you shouldn’t worry about

(I must admit that last one was the one we ALL fucking fell for at least once – right)

Riley summed up every horrible trait of these dudes in 6 lines and it packs the punch of the song with such specificity that I love it because it's cathartic.

Finally, the artwork made me feel like Riley was saying to us the listeners, this whole dating scene sucks and I want to rip my face off, but all in all what can you do but scream out the pain, and then go out and do it again!!!

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