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Ribbons: A Powerful Message on Originality by Diana Omar

Updated: Apr 25

Diana Omar "Ribbons" -  The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot
Photo courtesy of Diana Omar

Diana Omar releases "ribbons" with a pointed message to those who take credit for the work of others.

Ethereal synths open this song followed by gritty guitars and pretty vocals delivering the message that there is a "constant fight between right and wrong". The interlude and vocal declaration are followed by fullness and rise that is transported by this bold musical arrangement to carry this song's obviously personal message. Having someone steal your creative work is emotionally frustrating and the lyric "you were waiting for me too" gives me the feeling that this enemy was lying in wait to steal from Diana Omar. "These ribbons weren't meant for two" is a gentle but clear blast at the subject of this song. What a cute, yet sharp-edged way to say stop stealing my accomplishments.

A freshman at Yale University, Diana's career began at 14 with encouragement from a teacher. Diana creates her vision from her self-described "inner monologue". Even more impressive to add to this already talented artist's career were performances at Carnegie Hall, National Opera America Center, and Rockport Music-Shalin Liu Performance Center as a classical violinist. With a resume stacked full of accomplishments like these, it's easy to see how this song easily connects the dots between its intended meaning and the bad actors lying in wait to attempt to benefit from the accolades of such an accomplished creator.

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