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Atlanta Rapper, LOCS New Single is Sure to be a "Good Time"

Updated: May 22, 2023

Atlanta Rapper, LOCS latest release reviewed by Cage Riot

By: Sophie Ray

LOCS, the illustrious artist, has been garnering attention in the music scene for quite some time now. His distinct rap style is derived from his origins in Columbus, Ohio. Boasting unparalleled energy and lyrical prowess, he persistently dares to transcend limits with each fresh production.

His latest track, “Good Time”, which was released Friday, has been boosting my energy and giving me an incredible motivating vibe. The song is incredibly energetic and continues to motivate me as I am listening for the tenth time. The intro immediately brought me to a laid-back R&B vibe, which soon burst into a dynamic rap and lyrically rich production. As the track continues so does my admiration for this talented producer and rapper. The best way to describe his vocal ability is smooth and silky. He draws you in and keeps your attention with his R&B groove, complementing the lyrics with a catchy beat. “Good Time” is the perfect summer song to vibe to and LOCS shares that he's here for a 'good time'.

Of course, I had to bounce over to some of his other releases only to find true talent. This isn’t a one-hit wonder, he isn’t going anywhere, and from what I can hear the big stages are next for him. After listening to his previous release, “Settle Down”, it is apparent that LOCS has come into his own and has revealed a soulful groover side to his already impressive style. His music reveals the depth and breadth of his creativity, showcasing the wonderful versatility across genres.

“Good Time” is the perfect summer song to vibe to and LOCS shares that he's here for a 'good time'.

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