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Our Chat with RobinAugust!

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

We are talking to RobinAugust of Nashville Tennessee. I have had the pleasure of seeing this artist perform live which is always a plus when I’m doing an interview.

Courtesy of RobinAugust

Cage Riot: RobinAugust it’s so great to see all you are doing with your music. Let’s start with Berklee College of Music. How’s that going? What are your major concentrations of study and how do you plan to use them for your career?

RobinAugust: Hello!! Thank you! I actually originally was planning on not going to college and instead keep working in Nashville and grow a community there. However, going to Berklee ultimately was an incredible decision. Being away from home has really allowed myself to grow and understand who I am as an artist. I want to study songwriting here but also hope that my career takes off before I graduate in all honesty. Hopefully, the skills I learn here will help expand my knowledge of songwriting, and help me learn more about navigating the business. It’s also been amazing connecting with other people who are my age and passionate about music.

CR: I’m glad you mentioned the “business” aspect. In my experience artists who spend as much time promoting and immersed in this aspect tend to get much more exposure and have more success so you are on the right track.

CR: How long have you been creating and performing music?

RobinAugust: I started performing at the age of 2 with dance, but at the age of five I became involved in theater and film. Finally, at 11, I started writing songs and busking on the streets of Nashville!

CR: Performing at age 11! OMG, good for you, that is very cool.

CR: You have two recent releases “Zoe”, and ”SAFE”. Let's start with “Zoe”. The first guitar and vocal drop is awesome. The lyrics “Dear god I’m so lonely. The days drag by slowly. The walls cave in I never saw this coming. I need someone Zoë.” was a beautiful pairing of, and display of lyrics and guitar. I have seen you play guitar, are you the one playing it on this track?

RobinAugust: Yes that's me!!

CR: Sweet!

CR: What are your guitar influences?

RobinAugust: I love Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell…all those sweet folky players. I'm also a huge fan of David Gilmore of course. He's probably my all time favorite.

CR: Wow, nice. “Run Like Hell” and “In the Flesh” are as good as rock and roll get IMO. I feel like they are as good as the classical giants (ie Beethoven) were of their time.

CR: Do you play any other instruments?

RobinAugust: I play the ukulele!! But also, who doesn't play the ukulele.

CR: Lol, I guess that’s pretty true! ha hahaha ha

CR: “Safe” is a pretty acoustic guitar opening and you chose a softer vocal delivery. This is proving your vocal abilities are superb and we really loved it. It is such a beautiful classical-sounding build. It’s so calming and a beautiful message of love.

Is this song about a fictional person or someone really in your life? What was the origin of the motivation for this song?

RobinAugust: Thank you so much! This song I wrote actually for my crush at the time basically as a “Okay I'm ready to get together now” song. I played it for him and afterwards we ended up dating. It was May of 2020, so in the beginning of the pandemic. My anxiety had been acting up, but I felt really safe around him. We were literally stuck inside all day together so the only thing we could do was watch movies, and all those comforting, good feeling, activities.

CR: Aww, that’s a cute story.

CR: We saw you had a performance at the Berklee Performance Center. What was that like? Tell us a little bit about the background of this event.

RobinAugust: It was amazing! It was a Billie Ellish tribute show and I got the honor to sing her ballad, “I love you.”

CR: That must have been so cool!

RobinAugust: Berklee really put their all into every aspect of the show. Lights, sound, etc. In fact, we got to have a Q&A with Justin Lubiner, who works closely with Billie Ellish and is the CEO of Darkroom. I learned a ton about the in and outs of the industry and just grew even more excited and inspired.

CR: Every connection leads us down a path of learning or opportunity!

CR: The time I saw you perform was with Queens of Noise which was a great performance. What is going on with that project these days?

RobinAugust: I would say we are on pause as of now since we are all off at college. But I wouldn't be surprised if we played shows over break. Hopefully even my album release show!

CR: What is your favorite song of your own to perform live? Why?

RobinAugust: I haven't gotten the chance to perform my album with an entire band live yet, but I'm guessing it will be my song “Can’t Escape” which is a rock song that's gonna be on the album:)

CR: What is your favorite cover to perform live?

RobinAugust: I love performing any and all Radiohead songs. Especially “No Surprises.” It's such a beautiful song that will silence any room.

CR: What music genre or band do you listen to frequently that would surprise us?

RobinAugust: Honestly, I don't think the music I listen to is surprising at all. If anything is surprising maybe it'd be Kesha? I’ve always been obsessed with her older music. I also love classical music on a good rainy or snowy day.

CR: I love dance-pop, it’s the best way to just have fun. Kesha! She’s got Je-sus on her necka-lus-us!

CR: If you could collaborate with one artist to create a song, who would that be?

RobinAugust: Alanis Morissette hands down. If not her then Steven Tyler. Lol

CR: Incredible choices!

CR: We just heard today (February 2022) the UK is ending all covid restrictions, maybe this is all over! Do you have any plans to tour or perform anywhere soon?

RobinAugust: I'm hoping to plan a tour this summer! I’m for sure playing an album release show sometime in June. More details will come out soon!! I’m also trying to get some shows together in Boston while I'm there.

CR: We will be looking out for your schedule!

Cage Riot: Young growing artists are the lifeblood of the music industry. You being an artistic creator for so much of your life is exciting and exhilarating to hear about. We really appreciate you taking the time to speak with us and now it’s time for everyone to make sure they have streamed RobinAugust’s music found on all major platforms.

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