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“Our band is about embracing the journey" Young Rising Sons

Young Rising Sons

I just learned this band hails New Jersey and just across a small waterway from where I grew up in Staten Island.

How ya doin Young Rising Sons? (Side note - I agree with 99% of Pete Davidson’s opinion on that island but only because I have not heard the other 1% -lol).

Anyway we at Cage Riot decided to do a marathon listen of Young Rising Sons Discography and they made it easy with their playlist “sons” on Spotify. I have to say reading a little of their bio it reinforces that the best band is always one who is “true to themselves” (dammit Paula nailed that one).

Check out their Instagram bio and you will see what we mean:

“We’ve been played on the radio, signed a major record deal, then dropped from said major label, toured the US, Canada, and the UK where we played some cool festivals, a lot of sold-out shows, and also some shows to a crowd of 5 people including the bar staff (perhaps this is why you’re not supposed to write your own bio, but unapologetic honesty is kind of our thing).”

They Continue on to say:

“Our band is about embracing the journey, valuing the perspective we get from the lows while soaking in the highs. The growing pains, the ebb & flow, and the unpredictability of life is what defines us as humans, and we’ve been able to experience all of it together as best friends. that’s what we like to write songs about.

"we’re young rising sons, and we’re a band from new jersey.”

I believe this is one story that proves that the fans dictate a band’s success. No label and they still have the fans' love and appreciation. For their exceptional contributions to music and awesome attitudes towards their journey and long-ass successful career, we wanted to do a little recap of some of their journey. Their early works show the energy and style they planned to release on fans with their anthem style so it was inevitable they would be a festival favorite. The Kids Will Be Fine is a bit darker feel with “Coming Home” as the opening track but comes back with “Fucked Up”. “High” is another festival favorite for sure! SAD (Clap Your Hands) is a literal grown-up nursery rhyme… that rocks! If I only knew kindergarten was just Rock n Roll 101 preparing us for being adults! They also threw us a sweet lullaby version with a beautiful stripped-down version of this same track called “Sadder”. It honestly sounds like a church choir with a beautiful piano accompaniment (I am a BIG fan of this track). We rounded up the listen with “Flesh and Bone”, which falls once again in the flashlight in hand at the show style sound, but it jumps up-tempo a lot and brings in some real explosive sounds that we miss so badly at the shows, Covid - please kill yourself! Check out Young Rising Sons today on Spotify and their video "Good Days" released Sept. 2021. You will be glad you watched it!

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