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Natalie Clark: A Captivating Orchestral Performance with a Powerful "Mission" and Message

Vanda "Fairytale" The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot
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Natalie Clark stuns with a classical orchestral performance with a big mission and message in mind, with the perfectly titled release, "Mission". Powerful and dedicated is the emotion, and fierce and bold is the delivery. With soaring vocals, the supporting track carries Natalie Clark’s expressions higher and higher as the song progresses.

The commencement of this performance is a vocal and lyrical affirmation that the world can’t hold Natalie back. The classical instruments create a visual of Natalie dancing through the flames of life that impede us on our journeys. I had been told many times over the years that the world possesses energy and we get what we give. I didn't believe in it at first, but as I experienced more, and witnessed the lives of others I realized it's actually more simple and less "magical" than it sounds. We carry around a cloud of ourselves and it envelops those who are close enough (and with the invention of technology, you don't even need to be close anymore). I know if I'm carrying a weight of emotion, almost no one smiles or addresses me.

If I am happy, the world shines back upon me. This means to me, that releasing the power of the universe can come from us asking and declaring it, and I felt my personal energy changed just from listening and thinking how Natalie Clark’s intent stare would be in person. The drive and passion of another are easily transferred and it’s a message we can all gain from.

Natalie shares, I wanted a really tough and strong sound to reflect the lyrics and empower the listener.

After repeatedly listening to this song, it did something few songs do. It had a duality that it also perfectly creates a scene of a movie actor who is up against a force seemingly impossible to beat. The vocals just sit differently because they profess, they declare, they emboldened, and they raise the character up which undoubtedly was the mission of "Mission" and no pun intended, it was accomplished. Check out "Mission" by Natalie Clark to hear this beautiful vocal presentation recorded in Los Angeles with Producer Todd Spadafore.

Natalie Claro  "Mission" - review with The Cage, a music blog by Cage Riot.
Courtesy of Natalie Clark

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