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Misterwives x Bishop Briggs Brooklyn Bowl Show 2023

Updated: Apr 25

MisterWive's Mandy Lee at Nashville's Brooklyn Bowl
Photo credit: Zena Lynn Carpenter

Misterwives, your not-so-typical American Indie group played their 2023 released record,

“NoseBleeds”, at the Brooklyn Bowl in Nashville. The Misterwives fronting woman, Mandy Lee, stepped out in a plaid-pixie core-inspired fit, running around the stage while the crowd began to go off. The stage was drenched in green lights while Lee began to play their newest record, which has taken a far turn from their most popular album “Our Own House.”

The venue was buzzing with anticipation, and the air was thick with the promise of a much more indie sleaze rock revival from their latest record. Rolling Stones stated, “MisterWives is taking the “sucker punches” of the last few years and turning them into their best music yet." And by the sound of it, Nosebleeds is a fresh and experimental change to their discography that is sure to be a hot list of hits.

Mandy Lee of MisterWives - The Cage, a music blog by Cage Riot
Photo Credit: Zena Lynn Carpenter

Throughout the set, the band experimented with metal fairy wings, halo lighting, and the occasional, but much appreciated, appearance of saxophones. The chemistry within the group was apparent. Etienne Bowler on drums, William Hehir on bass, and finishing off with Marc Cambell on guitar. The synergy between the members as they played was felt by everyone at the Brooklyn Bowl that night.

A personal favorite from the setlist was when the group debuted the song “Ultraviolet”, the

final track on the record. The song had cadences of a toxic California romance paired with the

push of rock behind the melody held down by Cambell. The lighting and visuals were especially

pulling during this track, and the crowd was mesmerized from beginning to end.

Stepping out looking like a New York City ‘it girl’, Bishop Briggs was an absolute powerhouse as well. From her sambas to her sonnets, she captured the messy, Indie Upper East Side aura perfectly that her songs encapsulate.

Bishop Briggs - Brooklyn Bowl Nashville - The Cage. a music blog by Cage Riot
Photo Credit: Zena Lynn Carpenter

Briggs came out hot on top of a podium with visuals surrounding the stage. Performing her

latest release, “When Everything Went Dark,” the style is classic to Briggs's discography of cool girl alt. The song “White Flag” from Brigg’s “Church of Scars” record was a particular hit with the Brooklyn Bowl goers. Erratic and passionate, MisterWives' Mandy Lee and Bishop Briggs music set the absolute tone of the tour for sure at the Brooklyn Bowl that night.

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