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Love Ghost x Wiplash dropped "LEFT ON READ" We Are Hammered With a Burst of Emotion

Updated: Apr 25

Love Ghost x Whiplash "Left on Red"  The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot
Photo Courtesy of LOVE GHOST

Love Ghost x Wiplash dropped "LEFT ON READ," we are hammered with a burst of emotion fueled by heartbreak right off the jump. The speed and intensity of this song match that of a fun-filled festival anthem we can all jump to. If you don't listen to the lyrics, you will party and scream and may miss the whole point (you won't do that, right?). I promise the best part is when you realize how pissed off they are; it actually makes it even more fun. I read that revenge is healing and can speed up a person's emotional healing process. I'm not talking about chopping someone up Soprano's style.... using the "LEFT ON READ" ghosting method is pretty harsh, and this band's collaboration describing this feeling needs some fucking revenge. I'm pretty sure they figured out how to. When I'm thinking of pretty much anyone who has ever caused me anxiety or intentional stress, I may dial up this track because it will help me bleed out some of the pain.

With a bleak but almost comical feeling, the opening excellent lyrical display details almost everything:

14th of February, I spent it with my hand

You promised that you loved me; I guess you had other plans

(So then I drank) a bottle of Jack Daniel's alone in my bed

(So Fucking drunk) but not drunk enough to get you out of my head

The best part of the way this song makes me feel is that it's so fun and has such a lighthearted lyric," The sky is crashing down inside my room," which is not something you would generally feel you should mosh to. Yet, I am going to see when Love Ghost x Wiplash will be performing so I can witness everyone slamming the stage over someone's absolute heartbreak. I mean, this is the ultimate irony! Hey everyone, I'm devastated and miserable..wanna mosh? Ummm..hell yes, thanks to Love Ghost x Wiplash "LEFT ON READ," this is now officially possible.

Musically, the opening strings are like a Hellcat revving up and ready for that race. When the song drops and the sky crashes down (remember this part), I am super hyped! I loved the vocals, and they pivot perfectly back and forth from a pop-punk style to a rap style without missing a beat. Then the editing really brings the ear candy. It's the kind where you hear it enough to love it, and then you crave more and miss it because we need more (not really; it's just right). The blazing drums pump your blood and keep the fans on their feet. Last but definitely not least, the guitar and bass work is on point, and the solo adds that flavor that really tied this song to be an on-repeat for me!

Don't fucking ignore Love Ghost x Wiplash "LEFT ON READ"; they've suffered enough! Check this track out today.

Love Ghost x Wiplash "Left on Read" The Cage, a discovery music blog powered by Cage Riot
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Love Gost x Wiplash

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