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LOCS is "On Top" and Killin It!

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

So we reached out to talk to LOCS, and his manager Dylan Newman told us so much was going on, and we got the scoop!

Here's what we learned about LOCS:

Cage Riot: OK LOCS, let's start by saying thanks for taking time from your obviously busy schedule to talk to us. Please introduce yourself and tell us why you chose music for a career?

Thank you for having me. My name is LOCS, hip-hop/rap artist born and raised in Ohio and currently residing in the Atlanta, GA area. My music career started in 2017 while I was in college messing around with friends in the dorm studio. I began to see the potential in myself and with the belief of others I decided to pursue it as a career.

Cage Riot: We heard your EP (via Position Music) comes out on April 8th, congratulations!

What can you tell us about this release?

The EP coming out April 8th is titled “ANOMALY”. It has a great amount of energy and was really fun to make. It has sounds that would light up an arena and bring people together. Very excited for its release.

Cage Riot: Many artists are drooling to get sync’d since it’s such a great way to get noticed and earn some streaming income. Tell us who you landed with and what songs?

That is true! Sync brings a great amount of attention to us as artists. I’ve been sync’d with the Kansas City Chiefs, San Francisco 49ers, HBO’s “The Hype”, Overtime Elite, BET, and Bally Sports. I look forward to being a part of my favorite tv show, movie, or video game one day.

Cage Riot: Whoa! That’s impressive. You sound like a commercial for yourself at the end, you are perfect for this industry!!!!

Cage Riot: What is the story behind your move from Columbus, OH to San Francisco?

I lived in Columbus, OH for about half of my life. I then moved to Atlanta, GA and have a permanent home there while traveling with my wife for her work. I lived in Seattle, WA for the summer of 2021 and have been in San Francisco since Fall of 2021. It’s been an interesting last few years, to say the least.

Cage Riot: What would you say is your most desired outcome for all that you have worked for so far? (ie fame, movie career etc)

I look forward to a life where I can do what I love full time and support the people I care and love for. As a kid I used to model and have done commercials so acting could be a full-circle moment for me also.

Cage Riot: Which of your songs is your favorite to perform live and why?

Illuminati has been a long time favorite for me but I have a new song “4Real” that I’ll be performing on April 7th that may be my new favorite.

Cage Riot: What is your most notable performance to date and what about it was so meaningful to you?

I performed on Twitch for 6,000+ and I had an amazing time connecting with new people and finding a way to entertain through the pandemic.

Cage Riot: What artist is the one you hope would call you tomorrow and say, “Hey LOCS, let’s collab on a song”.

Drake is my favorite artist, but to do a song with Logic would be a huge goal achieved. Logic is the primary inspiration for why I started making music.

Cage Riot: I’ve always loved Drake and his charisma is what always wins me over.

Cage Riot: What song would you choose to cover if you had this opportunity?

Drake - Headlines

Cage Riot: That’s exactly what I’m talking about!!!!

Cage Riot: What shows or performances are approaching so we can get you on our calendar?

On April 7th, I will be performing in Hollywood at Bar Lubitsch. I will also be performing at Under The Radar on April 9th, which is more of a stripped down showcase in LA’s Miracle Mile.

Cage Riot: Bar Lubitsch! Grant Owen’s shows are always packed and off the chain because he’s a finder of great artists and a huge supporter of indie artists!

Cage Riot: Thank you LOCS so much for filling us all in and we think we haven’t seen even the tip of the iceberg of your possibilities. Also, I’m a little jealous of your physique.. so I’m going to start hitting the gym again because of you!

Cage Riot: Fans; If you haven’t already seen it make sure you check out the tracks (links below):

"Jordan", that had a 360 music video, released August 2021

"On Top", released March 4th

"Get Up" Feat. King Flexx, released March 18th.

+ all of LOC’s music on Spotify and other major platforms.

Cage Riot: FYI To best sum this all up about LOCS, we found this quote:

“LOCS’ energy and lyrical ability has no end. While carving a lane of his own amongst rappers today, LOCS brings an intensity and versatility that others can’t replicate. Receiving early looks and pushes from Spotify’s playlists like ‘Mellow Bars’ and ‘Fresh Finds’ all on his own, as well as a couple of syncs on HBOMax and the NFL, LOCS is a developing talent that's on the rise!”

Cage Riot: Special thanks to manager Dylan Newman for making this all happen!

Watch & Subscribe - LOCS - on YouTube

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