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Latto’s Hard-Hitting Cleanly Delivered Spit with Attitude | Vevo Live Session

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Part 1. Latto - Trust No Bitch (Live Session) | Vevo Two part review! With a Vevo live session in a bare-walled backdrop akin to a handball court and a single light-driven foreground, Latto performs dressed in a body hiding outfit. (it's important - give me a second). This performer's lyrics, “I can’t tell if bitches selling records or they selling sex” is what fueled that statement. It’s Latto’s way of telling us that a performance delivered can be good without sexually charged visuals. I’m not against any artists representing themselves. Sing in the nude, if it’s a good performance, I’m the first to appreciate it. I do like this performance though, and I get the message. We all have a lane and we want to dominate it. Latto is declaring the domination of the rap game without needing to rely on anything but this powerful skillset is the message I'm hearing.

Latto’s been getting accolades for writing since the age of 10. “Latto has proven that her pen game, replete with witty and raw verses, is unmatched. She was one of only two women inducted into the XXL 2020 Freshman Class, before releasing her debut major label project Queen of Da Souf” If you want to hear a well-performed rap and see the abilities of this artist check out this Vevo video.

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Part 2. Big Energy (feat. DJ Khaled) [Remix]

What inspired this next part was me snooping around after hearing Latto’s “Trust No Bitch (Live Session) | Vevo and finding this next song, just recently released.

The Original that inspired this: Fantasy (feat. O.D.B) - This song was EVERYWHERE in'95. Mariah and Old Dirty Bastard. From Wikipedia "The remix for the song features rap verses from Ol' Dirty Bastard, something Carey arranged to assist in her crossover into the hip-hop market and credited for introducing R&B and hip hop collaboration into mainstream pop culture, and for popularizing rap as a featuring act."

SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!! I mean do we even realize everyday this was the breakthrough we all take for granted every day now???

AND - they sampled "Genius of Love" By the Tom Tom Club - We need a lot more room in this blog to really cover this - but we need to stay on task. (Just go listen)

If you were 15 or over in 1995 you were in love with Mariah Carey, probably even more than anyone is even today. Mariah was just the fiber of our existence because we could not choose the songs we heard and sometimes you wanted to throw the radio out the window, and then sometimes there was Mariah. The radio DJ played the songs and you listened. No smartphones (phones were still attached to the walls - imagine no phones it sounds like a horror movie plot)

Today with so many choices, to bring back a song that’s iconic and presented as a deep-fried ice cream cone, is just the bee's knees for me.

Latto, Mariah Carey, DJ Khaled is a perfect blend of yesterday and today with Big Energy (feat. DJ Khaled) [Remix] - and yes, I’m listening on an iPhone. Fuck off 1995! (but just that part).

Latto’s hard-hitting cleanly delivered spit with attitude that flows with everything from the hard-hitting sound of Nicki M, to an R&B feel to all the way back to the OG sound of The Sugarhill Gang. Kudos to this performance.

Mariah Carey. We’re not worthy to write about this legend.

DJ Khaled is the glue that cements fun to music period. If you’ve ever put your hands up, (and they stayed there), it’s because of DJ Khaled. Every DJ like me respects the hell out of what he brings to the club.

I didn’t think music could get better every day. A painting is stagnant art. Yes, it's beautiful, but it can’t evolve like music can.

Check this out!!!! I love it!!!

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