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Updated: Jul 1

Kississippi - The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot
Photo credit: Morgan Kelley

The highly anticipated West Coast tour of Philadelphia-based indie pop star Kississippi, in collaboration with indie rock artist talker, has been officially announced. The tour, set to take place throughout July 2024, is already generating a buzz among music enthusiasts. Before embarking on this exciting journey, Kississippi will grace the Philly Pride 365 BE YOU Festival in her hometown of Philadelphia at the Muses Stage on June 2. The full list of tour dates can be found below, and tickets are now available for purchase via Kississippi assures her fans that this summer holds many more thrilling surprises in store musician talker.

The tour will officially begin on July 18 in Seattle, WA, and will travel down the West Coast, stopping in Portland, Sacramento, and San Francisco before ending in Los Angeles on July 26.

Kississippi is looking forward to getting back on stage and shares,

"Through live music, I've met so many unforgettable people and I've been so lucky to tour with artists who deeply inspire me. Celeste [talker] is no exception. I've made a lot of really special memories on the West Coast, and I couldn't wait any longer to get back and make more."

Zoe Reynolds, who performs as Kississippi, has the ability to transform a sweet song into a bitter one with a sudden, cutting line. Overcoming hardship through self-empowerment, Reynolds infuses her songs with hope amid grief and heartbreak. As a child, she dreamed of being in a band—she would make music videos with dolls and design merchandise with a 64-box of Crayola crayons. However, as a teenager, she found it difficult to be taken seriously in the Philly emo DIY/basement scene. Reynolds realized she had to make her way into the music scene.

Kississippi   - The Cage, powered by Cage Riot
Photo credit: Morgan Kelley

Kississippi combines sparkling synths and skillful lyricism to create vivid depictions of the human experience. The artist effortlessly balances wit and depth, forging a mesmerizing path that is uniquely hers. In 2024, Kississippi is excited to hit the road again and has some exciting surprises planned for the upcoming months.

Mississippi - The Cage, a music blog by Cage Riot

Catch Kississippi live on tour with talker this summer. Tickets are on sale now.

Listen & Follow Kississippi on Spotify

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