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KIIRA "Wrong Side of the Bed" Compiled of All of The "Little Things" That Together Pack a Big Punch.

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

I instantly felt a sound reminiscent of a contemporary version of "Dreams" By Fleetwood Mac (for those of you late to the game it's a song from 1977 displayed by the Ocean Spray skateboard guy aka Dogg Face). I must say this is the first time since 1977 that I have heard a sound that beautifully and subtly reminded me of this song (whether intentionally or not this was created by the artist - it happened to my ears. Its well sung and delivered lyrics combined with the aforementioned supporting track is a great listen. Plus the lyrics of the song literally predicted my feelings about it when I heard KIIRA sing, "it's the little things that count''. Why? It's simple. It's calm. It's pretty. It's emotional. The song is compiled of all of the "little things" that together pack a big punch. KIIRA's vocal ability also solidified my desire to lay my own verbal response to this creation but my excitement caused me to jump ahead of myself and I did not finish but only one listen to this song at this point of writing, and that's not my usual method. I usually listen multiple times first, then write. So then I switched to the lyric video and I see, "my dreams, don't see them in colors" across the screen!!!! - HMMMMMMMMMMMMM - Since I didn't see that till the very end, I felt it was a good time to tell you - at the end - "dreams" appear AGAIN??? - now I know it's a sign. - this made me love it MORE!

This artist's Spotify bio says, "Born in Paris, raised in Zurich, and a Swiss-American songwriter". I saw that @alealberti is a co-writer for this track, so YAY to their contribution! I also saw @parrismusic was the producer of this track, so YAY x 2! Great job everyone!

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