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kate the dreamer’s new single “Familiar Feeling” is an intimate and wistful take on heartbreaks.

Photo credit Whitney Otte

kate the dreamer has her eye on perpetuity. After releasing her debut EP “where’d all my wild things go”, in 2022 which featured singles such as “I Don’t Wanna Know You Anymore” and “Lovely” Kate has emerged as a freshly brewed indie pop artist, an ideal artist for modern day music looking to top the charts. After starting her music career behind the scenes, hiding behind instruments and penning down songs late at night in her bedroom, where she never wanted to be the center of attraction. It wasn’t until she had completely given up on being an artist that she found her sound, reminding listeners of artists like Bon Iver, Maggie Rogers and Holly Humberstone.

Capturing the ear of Brett Hite (FRENSHIP) and working on a collaboration for January 2023, receiving a placement in Hulu’s ‘Made For Her’ campaign, and having multiple record label releases via LGBTQ+ pop artist JORDY (“Till It Hurts”, “Past Tense”, “IDKSHIT”) and OSTON (“HARD TO LOVE”, “20 Nothing”), kate the dreamer is securing her place in the indie-pop space.

Along with that, she’s been featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds and Fresh Finds Pop, in addition to collaborating with artists and writers such as Kevin Garrett (Beyoncé, BANKS), Doug Schadt (Maggie Rogers, ASHE), Quinn Lewis, Anderson Rocio, James Droll, Gatlin, Ida Rose, and more.

And now building over her success with previous releases and a massive moment on TikTok, where kate the dreamer received over 1M views and 200K likes on her video teasing the track, in addition to thousands of comments asking for the full version to be released. She’s now gone on to release her latest single “Familiar Feelings.”

Built on an acoustic guitar “riff-like” chord sequence, kate the dreamer starts with “I think that I’m alive…” her smooth vocals bring in the heaviness of emotions. The song then cascades into a part where she plays with her voice with somewhat of vocoder harmony using it as an instrument. The song then opens up and ventures more deep into her maze of thoughts with the drum loop coming in turning it into something like an ear worm. The song has the warm whisper of storytelling that Kate wants to convey to her listeners. She says “This song is for the veteran in getting their heart broken. It’s for anyone who’s been through multiple layers of disappointment when it comes to dating.”

She adds, “I hope this song finds anyone who has also felt like finding love has been a series of heartbreak, but knowing that at the end of the day each experience makes you stronger for the next.”

“Familiar Feelings” is an intimate take towards love and relationships through her eyes, with hummable refrains. Carouseling harmonies to add in, with descriptions about heartbreaks and knowing how it would make one stronger. “Familiar Feelings” is an unexpected gem, a landscape of heartbreak, a balm to a broken heart.

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