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Kate Grahn Releases a Screaming Anthem “Do I Like Him (Or Is He Just Ignoring Me)”

Kate Grahn "Do I Like Him (Or Is He Just Ignoring Me)" - The Cage, a music blog by Cage Riot
Courtesy of Kate Grahn

LA’s Kate Grahn releases the single “Do I Like Him (Or Is He Just Ignoring Me)” - We listened, was it a love song (or is it a ragin’ hot party anthem) - hint it's both. The song is the fifth single from her upcoming EP Late Bloomer. We started off getting vibes of a possible love song of an emotionally torn person because of the gentle keyed synth sounds followed by the whispered vocals about "keepin’ my distance I won't get hurt" and "lie to myself I'm so mature" and then the song's anthem chant switches up and Grahn lets us know this is a message to be heard. With hard-hitting drums and gritty guitars, the visuals of a full room of fans rocking out and singing along are crystal clear. The lyrics are definitely intriguing and spell out those frustrating dating issues we can all relate to.

Grahn explains: “This is the melodic version of the phrase ‘I want what I can’t have.’ It’s the pop rock rendition of getting the ick the minute someone starts liking you. Sonically it’s if Hayley Williams and Olivia Rodrigo had a baby that needs therapy. You won’t be able to stop yourself from smiling while scream singing this song.”

This is a collaboration of Sophie Feldman (Jackson Sage) and Sophia Dion and co-produced with Jacob Chabon, and in our opinion is a winning mix of music industry players. We did truly connect and enjoy the message of meeting someone and then them too quickly or easily responding positively, and then being bored because the hunt is so much a part of the thrill (not toxic or on purpose, it's just like "I think I'm gonna just go home"). This is definitely a message not often heard in love or "not love" songs as laid out bare feelings are put forward to us by Grahn and it was definitely refreshing to hear this honest perspective. Check out this upcoming and creative artist, and the music for more intriguing and exciting projects.

Kate Grahn  "Do I Like Him (Or Is He Just Ignoring Me)"- review in The Cage, Cage Riot Music Magazine
Photo courtesy of Kate Grahn

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