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JACKIE LIPSON “Chemicals” Touches on the Delicacy of Mental Well-being

Jackie Lipson "Chemicals" review by Cage Riot
Photo by Mallory Turner

By: Sophie Ray

Jackie Lipson, the soul-pop artist from Los Angeles, recently put out their newest song "Chemicals"! Released during Mental Health Awareness Month, this song speaks to those dealing with mood changes. Its lyrics reach highs and lows like the way dopamine comes and goes.

The heartbreaking song conveys how serious mental health issues can be, with Jackie showcasing impressive vocal control. It's a powerful track that follows their hit single "Someday".

Jackie has a lot of insight when it comes to understanding how hard it can be for those with intersecting marginalized identities (Queer, non-binary, neurodivergent, Jewish, femme, fat) to manage their own body chemistry.

The chorus and production of the song really build up to this emotional climax, and then it's like all the bottled-up pain is finally released. You can feel the desperation in their plea for freedom from this "mix of Chemicals".

chemicals by Jackie Lipson - review by cage riot

On June 1, Jackie will join the lineup of the So Happy Ur Queer at the Los Angeles’ Troubadour. The show will also feature performances from BEGINNERS, TOMI, and Emma Louise. Tickets and more information can be found here.

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