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Goldie Scott Delivers "Sea Of Love" With Nostalgic Sound of Romance

Goldie Scott  "Sea of Love" - The Cage, a music blog by Cage Riot
Sea of Love by Goldie Scott (cover art)

Hey, boppers we had a gas checking out this groovy new song and you will too because it was far out!

With a sweet innocence in the sound, Goldie Scott serenades us with beautiful vocals as a topping on this catchy and head-bopping melody in “Sea Of Love”. If you have a beach nearby and a convertible I suggest driving to it with the top down but go slow so we can sing along with the lyrics “Cuz baby… don’t need you to save me”.

The 50s and 60s influences are impossible to miss but a contemporary flavor was added in that I really loved. You will definitely love the rock and roll-inspired guitar solo because it has all the touches, squeals, and peaks that all of us non-guitarists drool over. The ending turns a bit heavier and the vocals get grittier and bolder and they matched the tempo of the guitar solo. Then it has such a great ending, one not typical of current music and it faded out!!! What a sweet touch. Sea Of Love by Goldie Scott is groovy and we know you will dig it!

Goldie Scott has achieved great success in her latest releases "Mista Mystery" and "Let Me Leave My Coat", with her Grammy award-winning producers. . You can easily spot her on popular Spotify editorial playlists like "Fresh Finds", "Fresh Finds Indie", and "Morning Run".

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