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Georgia Ray Releases a Single With A Heartfelt Message of Heartbreak "Regret It"

Georgia Ray "Regret It" - "The Cage" a music discovery blog by Cage Riot / Review by Craig Claro
Courtesy of Georgia Ray

Georgia Ray, a Melbourne indie-pop singer-songwriter delivers a heartfelt message of heartbreak with "Regret It". Softly the guitars lead up into the tender vocals that delve upon the anguished story told to us. I became emotionally involved and felt saddened because of the artist's obviously painful, yet beautiful delivery of the vocals. They were void of any anger but swollen with heartbreak, and each time I heard "I hope you regret it" I felt there is someone right now who is out there regretting it because the relationship is just too far gone.

Delivered to my psyche was such a visual, and such a feeling of being connected to this relationship. Musically the beats swell and lift Georgia Ray's vocals up high. The production methods for this were outstanding and it's a crystal-clean recording. The positive side to this is that I know there will be a venue full of people who will undoubtedly be holding phone lights and waving them back and forth to the tune of this song and ...I guess my thoughts are, will we be able to tell which half of the room is the heartbroken souls, and which half is going to "Regret It" each time this song plays?

Georgia Ray  "Regret It"- review in The Cage, Cage Riot Music Magazine
Photo courtesy of Georgia Ray

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