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From The Other Side Catapults You From 0-100mph With "Toxic Heart"

From The Other Side "Toxic Heart" - The Cage, a music blog by Cage Riot
Courtesy of From The Other Side

From The Other Side catapults you from 0-100mph and then kicks in a bit of nitrous with “Toxic Heart”.

I’m a fan of over-ear listening and before I read or absorb anything on the song or band I just hit play for as real and raw as possible of an experience- so when the fuse was lit on this track I almost needed a 4-point harness. From The Other Side’s Blazing guitars are only rivaled by the thundering drums. No doubt this drummer has to toss the sticks after each performance if they aren’t just sawdust and fall to the floor. Vocally we are met at the door by Jett Rose who sounds pissed AF and ready to do an emotional battle. The lyrics come flying at us like rounds out of an MG-42 spitting fire and the message. “Hell Hath no fury like a lover scorned”.

If this doesn’t “butter your muffin” then wait till the second half of the song when the embodiment of Freddie Kruger picks up a mic and sprinkles a little fuck off at this “Toxic Heart” in a far-from-standard duet. The swell and sucking in-breath roar is like a vacuum of anger ready to be thrust back into the subwoofers all the way to the hanging tweeters of your favorite shithole in the wall venue. This song is going to be the reason for a lot of bloody noses and bruised ribs from a mosh pit that the following morning will be met with words of “last night From The Other Side was awesome!!! - owww shit that still hurts - hell ya we had a great time” (insert hi-fives here).

From The Other Side  "Toxic Heart"- review in The Cage, Cage Riot Music Magazine
Photo courtesy of From The Other Side

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