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Foxtide's "Honey Bee" is a throwback to the times when songs had to be pure.

The lyrics, melody, and overall sound drags me back to the styles of the 50s and 60s. The vocals have that old-school croony bellowing and belting supported by that original rock and roll guitar sound. The opening is a sad and broken-hearted tone with a blasting but downtrodden message.

It’s definitely modern based but the song title “Honey Bee” seems like a throwback to the times when songs had to be pure; even insinuating sex or anything not pure could get you labeled as a “greaser” or bad boy. The lyrics hit home because I bet we’ve all felt like we can’t even form a straight line on the sidewalk when our mind is occupied and overwhelmed. The chorus is super catchy and dreamy (as is the whole song). “Can’t keep ….A…nother doooownnn nooo" sets an image of a Buddy Holly suited horn-rimmed vocalist balancing the mic stand on one door while drawing wooos from the crowd. We can’t forget for one second to give love to the band's melody that's so soft yet as powerful as a punk rock song. It’s as if they played it fast then slowed it down in the studio… (we know they didn’t) but it hits hard as if they did. Plus if you like blues … the blues from places like BB Kings then definitely check in on this band. It’s got some of that too!!!

Check out their latest video for "Everything That's Mine"

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