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Flipturn's “Whales” is a Heartbreak Moment

Updated: May 31, 2023

Craig Claro reviews Flipturn's Whales - The Cage, a music blog by Cage Riot.
Photo credit: Amanda Laferriere

By Craig Claro

An excellent synth opening followed by a slow wave-like melody and beat with a sultry vocal intro is Flipturn's "Whales". The lyrics, however, have nothing to do with the beautiful marine mammal. Flowing with sadness. “divorce” was the term chosen by the band, but I’m not sure that this was in the traditional marriage sense. I interpreted this as a breakup that possibly felt as destructive as a divorce, but not per se. Whatever the relationship was, it seems they learned, “that life is just sentiment that’s stale”. How sad but true. How much we learn on the road of life is so beautiful, but sometimes, as this song expresses, is heartbreak in the form of life’s lessons and the pain they bring. The lyrical expression of “So you went numb, Too much pressure, No more Blood” made me feel the sensation of blood draining out of my heart, giving me a real-time feeling of heartbreak. Growing up I used to wonder why people WANTED to feel sad. I was like who wants that? As I got older I realized many times we no longer have moments to be sad. Life whisks away the time so we no longer have the time to allow pain to exit our body. “Whales” is the vessel that may deliver this sadness from you as it did for me. This well-written and extremely well-created song is definitely an opportunity to “feel” what we sometimes don’t have the time to in the moment.

I’ve also actually had the pleasure of seeing Flipturn live several years ago before the pandemic and their stage and performance abilities are outstanding as well. If you get a chance, to become a spectator of Flipturn, I guarantee you will also become a fan.

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Whales Lyrics

[Verse 1] Oh heart of mine You are divine I did what you were asked to Lend you a (?) [Verse 2] So you asked for a divorce And I asked you 'what for?' It was too much Oh, it was more Than you could handle [Chorus] So you went numb Oh, you went numb Too much pressure No more blood You went numb [Verse 3] Still, I remember when You were a friend And you filled my head With things you didn't Have to Like swimming with the whales You said I'd never fail And we learned that life Is just sentiment that's stale [Chorus] So you went numb Oh, you wеnt numb Too much pressure No more blood You wеnt numb [Instrumental]

[Outro] Oh heart of mine You are divine I did what you were asked to So how could I blame you?

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