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Experience the Signature Sound of The Cyber Project with "Micky"

The Cyber Project “Micky"  The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot
Photo courtesy of The Cyber Project

The Cyber Project releases “Micky”, and it's not the same old noise. With a super clean yet hardcore sound I have sooooo much to say about this song and band. Yes, pressure makes diamonds, but humans are much more than just elements of carbon, and with “Micky”, The Cyber Project tells a story of how exceedingly high expectations can deliver negative results. I've come to learn that life is hard, in fact, it's emotionally decimating. It will always hit you harder than you expect. No one has ever made it to the top and said, "Man that was easy!". It's also been my own observations that some parents think, "If I teach my kids by using the same method of torture life delivers, then they will be ready and their lives will be easier".

Here's how that sounds to me. If I want to get you ready for solitary confinement in prison, then what I should do is put you in solitary confinement perpetually.. right? More solitary will get you ready for solitary! I think that if someone is subjected to too much pressure they resort to something else because everyone needs love and praise. If you don't get these things you will turn to another medium for release and probably need a lot of it. In the case of this song, drugs. I applaud The Cyber Project for bringing forth this topic because I feel we think we are ready to raise a human because we were raised. Being fed or watching someone cook didn't teach me how to cook. This song is a really great entanglement of music meets a story. Bassy underlayment propels the super unique and beautiful vocal performance. You can't miss the Eddie Vedder power and control within the performance. I found the delivery to be effortless and with an element of sadness and introspection. "He's so proud of you, would he be as proud if he knew?" Such a strong connection between the performance and the lyrics beyond the singing. You can tell the lyrics meant something and mattered. Throughout the song, we get explosive belting that hammers the message forth of this song and it was really impressive. I am a fan of the genre, but I felt a sense of the performers really taking the quality and delivery of each instrument to a next level because sometimes grunge is purposefully performed at a level that has intentional train wreck vibes (you know what I mean). Adding to this is that this is a super well-engineered track consistent with label quality and delivers superbly in the over-the-ear medium.

One lyric hit home for me was, "When will you fill my shoes and be just like me?" and this felt so heartbreaking because it's possible for both the father and the daughter to both be saying or thinking this and both are disappointed. The dad wants a high-performance clone and the daughter wants to be loved and appreciated for what she is and yet neither will get what they want when they both love and appreciate one another and have all they need right in front of them...and some of us don't.

The Cyber Project “Micky"  The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot
Photo courtesy of The Cyber Project

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