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Experience the Release "Blood Crops" from Moat Cobra's Album "DCxPC Live & Dead Vol. 1 Pr"

Moat Cobra “Blood Crops"  The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot
Photo courtesy of Moat Cobra

We heard Moat Cobra dead and we were happy. And when we heard them live, we were even happier.


Ok, so I love this whole concept of Moat Cobra's release "Blood Crops" from the album DCxPC Live & Dead Vol. 1 Presents Moat Cobra. It covers so many bases. Live and Dead is the coolest newest play on words for track releases for me. The obvious ones of being live and one being studio ("dead" for those of you who didn't catch the bus) are just plain cool. But take it a step further and day we will be dead and the recordings live on... and both will become dead versions never to be recreated. Maybe I sound like a teenager, but I gotta say if you try to coin a new industry term it's not that common and not that easy.... so this one is a big win for me. Also, I ALWAYS look to see if a band can pull off the sound they create in a studio in a live setting. I used to find and freak out over live versions of Judas Priest, especially the guitar work. I don't want to appreciate someone for something they didn't create. If you need massive automation to make a sound, I might listen, but I probably won't throw major props your way unless I feel you can do it right now, in front of me. So now it's all right there in the same place. I used to have to go to Youtube and search "live version Freewheel Burning '', but Moat Cobra was like "shit, let's put all this in the same location and show the fans what we do. So yeah for me it fucking matters. I don't want to be Milli Vanilli'd ever again (younguns google this for fun).

Alright so guess what...yep the band kicks ass live and dead! We chose the single "BLOOD CROPS" (live) to share with you. I felt the clarity in the track was impressive. I was able to turn this up to eardrum piercing and possibly damaging volumes and it was clear enough to hear every pluck of the bass, the snapping of the drumsticks and for one moment that (really killer) feedback that only hardcore shit needs in a live setting that somehow adds to the ambiance (this word and hardcore should not coexist but lol they kinda do). The way the vocals are delivered is absolutely fantastic. Singing while screaming is just harder than anything to me. To keep in tune and tone and then be understandable and yet sound like singing and not just screaming is what I look for. Also, this song gives me Black Sabbath vibes that literally drive me insane.

There's a lot to say about a song's "journey". The purpose is to make me want to keep listening and not get bored with a repetitive storyline (aka the supporting arrangement) and the guitar and drum work here is just stellar. The drops and fills and running all over my grey matter as we speak. I am on listen number 10-ish of this track and most of the time I don't have time for that much because this is a job and I have to do more than one review a week lol. I find that I cannot track the location of where I am in the song (in a good way) because it literally moves like a jackrabbit all over and then pulls you close and rolls and rips you up making you thrash. My favorite part of the song is 1:28 and the next phase. It feels like I am an engine and I'm being revved up and then rip some rubber and spin in one donut and then dramatically stop (very specifically in a 68 Camaro, matte black, some rust). This is some heavy-ass music and feels incredibly genuine and is a well-rehearsed and dedicated band. This resulted in an impressively well-performed and entertaining live version and here it is "throwing props" the way of Moat Cobra. I am scheduling an ENT doctor appointment for the hearing loss and sending Moat Cobra the bill btw.

Check out this quote from the band "This is DCxPC Live's newest format: Live & Dead! Instead of 100% live: Side A of the vinyl is live and Side B is dead (studio)! Only 200 of these were pressed on violet vinyl."

Moat Cobra hails from Orlando Florida's and mixes class metal, sludge, and hardcore punk into their own unique blend of swamp metal.

Moat Cobra “Blood Crops"  The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot
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