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Experience Passion Like Never Before with Tana's "Kiss Me Like We're Gonna Die"

TANA ""Kiss Me Like We're Gonna Die" The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot
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Tana's “Kiss Me Like We’re Gonna Die" is most definitely the feeling of passion on another level.

With a classical texture, the opening of this song displays a serious and beautiful vocal execution. “Kiss Me Like We’re Gonna Die” created such a connection to the storyline for me. A kiss is one of the most intimate forms of affection and is close, warm and (can be) full of love.

Most songs about this topic are the more traditional R&B sound and this song definitely broke far beyond that barrier. It brings the thought of a kiss to cinematic and almost superhero vibes. Can a kiss save a life? Hearing this made me think it can. "Your love keeps me running, it keeps me in light, so kiss me like we're gonna die". You may already know this but Saturday Night Fever was an album first and then that became a screenplay and I feel this is a perfect song to base a movie on. Two lovers, held back by (insert life's hardships here) and Tana delivers the message of love and teaches others how to shield loved ones from these painful experiences and not die (I mean an emotional death...which is equal to or greater than a physical death). Ok, I actually take 100% ownership of this idea and my people will be reaching out to make this happen! I do know this, some of us live a life in pain and suffering, and in most cases, a kiss or a tender and deep act of affection has been proven to alleviate these sensations.

TANA shares, I wrote this song when I was going through a hard time in my relationship, and the only thought that kept me going was the thought of kissing and having that physical touch from my partner. I was inspired to make something that sounded cinematic, dark and dreamy.

I am nominating Tana to be Love's new superhero, spreading the message of love being free and for all to accept and heal from the harsh wounds of life. Soothed will be the scars. Relieved will be the hearts. Gone will be the pain. In the opening scene, Tana flowing into the wind expels a tender but powerful expression with soft but bold lyrics. Piano keys are light but somehow thundering and leading us to know this is a person eager and in possession of love and coming to save lives with a kiss. Listening to this track you will experience the performance growing in emotional emphasis and feel like it has Tana walking up a hill toward us in a most intense manner, staring intently, to "kill" this pain.

The supporting musical arrangement is absolutely superb and really is 100% full commercial grade with a large artist quality and production. I can imagine the absolute silence and fixation of the eyes and minds of the fans when hearing this performance live. This song is a blend of musical perfection combining a new feel to a love song with bold and theatrical ambiance.

TANA ""Kiss Me Like We're Gonna Die" - review with The Cage, a music blog by Cage Riot.
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