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Empower Your Music Career with Cage Riot Music Group's Global Distribution and Artist Services

Updated: May 30

On That Note, a music industry blog powered by Cage Riot
powered by cage riot

Our "On That Note" music industry blog is an excellent place to share information about Cage Riot. 

Cage Riot Music Group is a global music company that provides digital music distribution, funding, and artist services to independent artists and management.

What sets Cage Riot apart is we go beyond being a music distribution company. We are a team of passionate professionals deeply invested in artist development. Our A&R-driven approach and an extensive array of specialized services in their careers. We offer a comprehensive suite of services that mirror those of a record label. From global Music and Video Distribution to Sync Licensing, Playlist Pitching, Music Publicity, Digital Advertising, Publishing Administration, and Shows. We offer revolutionary artist tools, all aimed at helping artists achieve success. Our ultimate goal is to empower artists foster their growth and partner with them to achieve success. We have all the cutting-edge marketing and tools independent artists need to succeed. And this is just the beginning, with more services to be added throughout 2024.

Since we have always been about artists being able to make their own career choices, we will soon launch the option for artists to subscribe to a distribution service for those who choose to keep 100% of their streaming royalties. 

What's next for Cage Riot? We're deeply committed to inviting artists with the talent and brand to push to the next level. Our Amplified program, now in its second year, is a testament to this commitment. The program is designed to assist and partner with the artist in their journey, providing the unwavering support and resources they need to succeed. We value your talent and are here to help you thrive. 

As we grow, we understand that some artists want to remain independent while others see the value in signing a label deal. That's why we've launched Cage Riot's record label division. Our label team is dedicated to building an artist roster with tailor-made licensing deals, including services like funding, artist marketing, and rights management, in return for a revenue split. The licensing deal means that artists remain in charge of master rights, giving them more control over their music.

Editorial and Independent Playlist Placements

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