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Emotional Alert! “Way to Paradise” by Dav ID.

Ok, so I love this artist's voice. It makes me stop and listen and I feel as if I’m being hugged and I’m safe (like that’s so weird cuz I didn’t feel unsafe before - like wtf?). The smooth but fast delivery is perfectly aligned with the song which makes me mentally follow my ears as if my ears are reading the wavelengths of his tonality. Ears "reading" as if my ears can see as my eyes can. The big question is how come this track makes me babble like a raving psycho? (I’m not a psycho - I swear - but if I was chances are I would be lying so….maybe I am) Anyway…the story told is one I didn’t know would be told since the dawn of time and repeated by romantic hearts like mine and DAV ID’s

(of a broken heart) except, the presentation of the song is one that delivers the vocals so uniquely. So it took a few more listens but I realize this artist has possibly harnessed the elements of a lullaby, romantically hushing my brain into a sleep-like relaxing sensation - hence the sensation of security - the hug I mentioned earlier. I wrote this review all at once …as my emotions flowed to see where it went with little correction except grammar to allow my truest sensation of this track's overall message. I think you should listen to this track because it has a feel and flow you may agree contains the elements to lull you, while consistently keeping your attention on emotional alert. Nice job DAVE ID.

Check out this song on Spotify and other major platforms today.


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