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"Easy" From McCall's New Album …to be a dream…

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Photo credit Haley Min Young Kreofsky

"Easy" is the last single to hit the streaming services before we got to be a dream...

Being together alternative sounds with an electronic twist "Easy" details the layer of pressure that McCall has placed upon herself throughout her life, and her attempt to navigate it.

"Once I took the pressure off of myself and the people I was working with, my music got better and bigger opportunities seemed to flow to me with ease. There’s always been a romanticization of the struggling artist, but sometimes the struggle is what’s holding you back. Not to sound nauseatingly “new-age,” says McCall, "but I do strongly believe that the more trust I have in the universe, the more results I get."


This is the final song of the album and the final single before it comes out, so I really wanted to make this music video a digital scrapbook of all the amazing people and places I got to encounter and work with throughout the process. When I wrote this song, I was putting so much pressure on myself to be "successful" and ended up in a place where I just wanted to give up. On music, but also on life." McCall continues, "But as soon as I thought I had made that decision, everything came so easily. I was inspired again and eager to work and hang out with people. I think I just needed to know that I'm a person outside of the art that I make. So this video is mostly about all the people that have made life worth living and music worth making, even though that's DISGUSTING to say. Don't tell them I said that."

Album Cover

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