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Don't Call Me Tina releases "Hey! I Need A Friend"

Updated: Apr 25

Don't Call Me Tina ""Hey! I Need A Friend"  The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot -  Craig Claro, Editor
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Don't Call Me Tina releases "Hey! I Need A Friend"... (just not like the old ones)

With a rock and roll acoustic guitar opening the unmistakable vocals of Christina Brennan, the singer, songwriter and rhythm guitarist of the project known as Don't Call Me Tina, tells us she's no one to fool with.

Let me announce, I promise to NEVER call her (that name). Why? Listen to "Hey! I Need A Friend"! The lyrics are dealt with in a pretty striking manner, and....actually let's call it like we hear it... they are in your face and throw punches (forget the not pulling any - she definitely comes out swinging vocally and lyrically), so I worry about getting on this bold and boisterous singer's bad side lol. If boot stomping isn't a lyrical technique then Don't Call Me Tina needs to be given credit for creating it. I really dig this song. What I find to be also great is the tongue-in-cheek of "Hey! I Need A Friend", and that it leaves bedside manners and a sweet demeanor at the door to make sure you hear this message loud and clear, all while asking to make friends lol.

With these bold and infectious vocals that growl and roar we had to give this track several more listens. The drums and supporting guitars are wide and full while also feeling stripped and raw and literally holding their own place in the song. To top it all off the engineering is clean and super powerful. There's no confusion, she's pissed, and she needs a friend. The bluesy rock riffs come across as swear words themselves as she asks, no wait, TELLS YOU... "Hey! I Need A Friend". The whistling gives me an old Western feel to this already super grungy and country-feeling track. The builds try hard to overcome the power of Tina, fuck!!!! I mean Don't Call Me Tina as she just uses those big boot vocals to stomp and kick the shit of our eardrums and we loved every moment of it! Damn it, now I have to change my name and move...again.

Check out Don't Call Me Tina, "Hey! I Need A Friend" now!

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