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Discover the Captivating Love Story From L_OST "samba do girassol"

Updated: Apr 25

L_OST "samba do girassol"  The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot
Photo courtesy of L_OST

L_OST releases "samba do girassol." Light guitars support this adorable and catchy story of love based on how all living things possess emotion, proving love is universal.

When you think of a frog and a flower you don't cross over in your mind to love or adoration. Coincidentally I just read yesterday that there is growing evidence that insects and all animals experience “consciousness” of emotions. Looking in my dog's eyes as a child I always felt this to be true. So now to hear a story of a frog who loves a sunflower and has an adoration for it the same way I do a sunset (or my first and second and third latte) unearths so many emotions. Using a simple simile of a living thing makes me realize how we all enjoy things exactly the same. No matter our perspective, love is exciting and fun and necessary. And this all started with a frog and a flower and a thought and emotion-evoking songwriter. Berlin-based singer-songwriter L_OST (Aktino Troubounis) delivered this enchanting love song and it grasped our attention immediately. It feels as if a child's lullaby grew up and matured and became a beautiful love song.

The vocals of L_OST are sung and staggered and whispered until your attention is glued to your speakers. "I know this won't be our last goodbye" and "But why do you still have to go" is the cutest description of a frog's infatuation with one of Earth's other beautiful creatures. The fact that the frog is hopeful but disappointed is adorable. The song creates mental imagery of sunlight and the feeling of happiness runs down your heart like warm water in a morning shower. This song is an absolute gem and creatively is the equivalent of what a smile feels like embodied in a song.

L_OST "samba do girassol" The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot
Photo courtesy of L_OST

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