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Deryk G has had us waiting but it's finally here! Peace in Armageddon.

Updated: May 31, 2023

Derek G - review by Craig Claro- The Cage, a music blog by Cage Riot.
Photo By Alex Kinder

By: Craig Claro

Cage Riot has had a few ears open for Deryk G. bringing us Peace in Armageddon. Following several EPs and singles, his debut album is here and we are featuring the final track on the album "Don’t Be Afraid." It's bluesy-esque guitar intro with a jazz beat, sandwiched with soft hip hop + lounge singer-infused singing style (take a breather if u need to after that lol).

This song got me moving on my chair which is always a win for an artist. With beats and a musical arrangement that builds like a classical song but then goes right back down to an R&B tempo and keeps the Deryk G flavor that we love... always just slightly off the beaten path. The song seemed like it was over ….and I even started an email (that’s not a bad thing … because this is my job (sort of no one pays me - HEY!!… and I was emailing Deryk to say I loved it) and BOOM it switches up and goes all hip hop rapped out, and I went "WTF", and went straight away (that’s British for “quickly” folks) for another listen. I don’t like or love the guitar, I absolutely fucking adore it!! So next here’s the bass beat slapping my ears after hearing all that jazz ( do you know "All That Jazz" - do you??- nah too young) I got some chills and the lyrics spit is making me struggle to try to be a part of both the beat a lyrics individually. It’s almost as if two of my favorite songs were playing at the same time and I had to choose. Then I hear the organs that were slid in underneath. The Doors (the band not actual doors) opened my ears up to organs and my dad's jazz playing floated the sounds all over and with Deryk G you get a saturation of sound that’s the gumbo of music.

There’s no one flavor, there’s not any one texture but the flavor is so erratic (kinda like this review is) and knew that every moment feels new. This is a great listen and this artist has some real potential, especially in the “gonna surprise you motherfuckers” department.

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