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Denmark Drops Two Sides with "call you / magazine"

Denmark "magazine" - "The Cage" a music discovery blog by Cage Riot / Review by Craig Claro
Courtesy of Denmark

By: Craig Claro

Denmark, NY's indie rock band, blends a smoothie of genres for a killer sound with "magazine". The slower build is a cloak in dagger hidden sound that rises up to jet speed quickly. Feeling like I'm in a blacked-out venue in the 80s, DENMARK transports me there with drums that really propel this track. I have to start there because each time I catch up the tempo changes ever so slightly that I feel the sensation of acceleration that pulls on me and it's so exhilarating. When you bounce back for a 2nd (and a 3rd and so on) listen, this song gets better and better. The guitars are crispy and shiny like pipes on a 20-year-old Harley with just the perfect amount of gold and bronze burned into them. The guitars lead the song's intro and falsely put you at ease but then somehow jump on those drums and ride across your ears like Marty Mcfly racing off on his board from Biff and those damn bullies. Fast and punchy is the feel and they just keep coming and it's fuckin cool. Vocals are swooning and could almost be transposed onto a Frank Sinatra album with a big band orchestra and you would love it just the same.

I feel like the lyrics are loved by the singer and each tempo change is literally met with vocal "leans" into the turns like the rider on said aforementioned Harley! Righteously, the band gives me a taste of the one part of songs that have been so sorely missed by me lately, and that's the literal guitar SOLO that breaks away and then drives those notes right into my eyeballs. Anytime a band member leaves and returns for the moment and you miss them it's a win-win and this trio comes and goes at just the right intervals and shines bright right when the musical withdrawal hits. This song has so many elements of music from punk to rock to smooth-as-silk jazz on steroids, it's a track you can't pass up and now we have one more elated person! This track is already out so give it a stream and like Lays's you won't be able to stop at one.

Denmark  "magazine"- review in The Cage, Cage Riot Music Magazine
Photo courtesy of Denmark

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