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DAAY Releases Cosmic Gossip EP

DAAY "Cosmic Gossip" - "The Cage" a music discovery blog by Cage Riot / Review by Craig Claro
Courtesy of DAAY

DAAY’sCosmic Gossip” makes us feel like the future of music is already here. So many decades we have been exposed to music and obviously it has been around for many thousands of years before that and for really as long as humans could slam things together. So who and what is the future of music? In 1930 an electric synthesizer would have probably been laughed at (or scared the shit out of non-musicians) and I feel what people make musically is ultimately what we will digest because as a rule, creatives dictate what we are lucky enough to hear.

With that being said, my history and philosophy lesson leads us to this intriguing and enthralling musical compilation of what I feel is a look into the future of what music will become. Utilizing a wave of sounds along with what feels like a sprinkling of synths and vocals that swirl back and forth like a paper bag in the wind, I felt tinges of The Wall and The Talking Heads and almost every other style of music from the 90,. till today not put together, but squeezed and crushed leaving us with a brand new substance.

At no point did I feel like my feet were anywhere but floating in space while being carried all around my own mind with this music making me feel like it's made of water, but its form changes from liquid to gas to solid in command (ok I added some science in there too). I will say.... if you partake in anything psychedelic you literally should be adding this to your musical repertoire - ya you're welcome! The song is part of a larger creation labeled as a "15-minute” story of uninterrupted music based loosely on the Hero's Journey concept from writer Joseph Campbell" and because of this, it ended abruptly which created an additional eerie feel. I would like you to check this out, it's extremely unique.

DAAY "Cosmic Gossip"- review in The Cage, Cage Riot Music Magazine

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