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Charlotte Adelle Releases a Coming-of-Age Pop Banger With "Radio"

Charlotte Adelle "Radio" The Cage, a music blog by Cage Riot
Photo Courtesy of Charlotte Adelle

With an incredible and impressive resume Charlotte Adelle, Sydney-based Australian-Mauritian producer/engineer carves out this impressive track, "Radio", with credits for writing, producing, and mixing. I was in love from the jump because the stringy but hearty bass lead the track. Vocals drop on you almost immediately and the in-charge personality of this artist is quickly apparent. The swells and falls lead you to the synths filled with familiar technology sounds for a great foreshadowing of the song's meaning.

The way the vocals are mixed was truly an audible treat (listen for the quivering when "frequencies" are sung) The production and engineering work really brings attention to the lyrics and message of "growing up in the information age". "I can't stop listening" hit me the hardest because we are all glued to and have to be beaten off our phones by the true necessities of life (sometimes I'm like - what does a tree irl look like again?) and the message of this song highlights that so perfectly all while making me happy somehow.

Charlotte has vocals that will definitely move feet on the dancefloor but the thumping beats may do it for us. All this finally leads us up to punchy pre-ending which leads up to an orchestra of sound that fills the room. This track has all the earmarks of a summer radio blaster and simultaneously a little humor about how influential the information age has proven to be. Check out Charlotte Adelle's "Radio"!

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