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Australia's Whitney Veitch Releases a Sultry Single "Honest"

Whitney Veitch "Honest" - "The Cage" a music discovery blog by Cage Riot / Review by Craig Claro
Courtesy of Whitney Veitch

Whitney Veitch's “Honest'“ slides Pop and R&B into new territories. The quality and presentation of this song hit very high marks. Whitney's vocals swoon to you gently when they want to, but also quickly run past you when the moment is right.

I absolutely think this Australian-born singer's qualities can be compared to one of my favorites, Janet Jackson - you can hear the power, sex appeal, vocal ability, and versatility. Whitney's voice is pretty, and the lyrics of "Honest" instantly hit me. The sultry breathy "reel me in just to throw me back" has me convinced that there have been steamy sexy encounters so good Whitney just can't resist being "Honest" but I can almost guarantee that if the emotion hits as high as this song makes it feel, then this relationship, no matter how unstable will continue.

This song has painted the characters, mood, and storyline for me so vividly I absolutely love it! The supporting track has a gentle poppy sound with a truly unique piano-inspired flow and outstanding production level. A huge win for me is whenever the lyrics are "married" to the song’s pacing. This carries my mental flow and I think it displays a song as beautifully as a perfectly wrapped present (the one with a huge flowing bow) that is almost as good as the present inside! If you are a fan of any of the artists mentioned you will love this song.

Whitney Veitch  "Honest"- review in The Cage, Cage Riot Music Magazine
Photo courtesy of Whitney Veitch

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