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AOIFE Delivers Perfection With The Essence of Clarity And Confusion in “White Noise”.

AOIFE "White Noise" music review in The Cage, a music blog by Cage Riot
Photo Courtesy of AOIFE

AOIFE delivers perfection with the essence of clarity and confusion in “White Noise” off her Ep when all is said and done.

The song's title is a perfect descriptor and foreshadowing of the forthcoming sound and supporting musical arrangement. White noise, a term typically aligned with a negative and unending sound that lacks audible boundaries, becomes a perfect paradox for the feelings explained by AOIFE in this song.

The vocals being so clean and pure are the exact opposite of the feelings and anguish dealt upon this talented artist. It made me feel that the mix of moments of full and perennial instrumentation and vocals was to simulate this feeling of being overwhelmed by this "white noise". But then the clarity is the drops and few moments in the song where we are given a brief taste of us actually feeling (hearing) what AOIFE is yearning for which is clearing away this confusion.

To say the almost persistent vocal performance throughout the song is incredibly powerful is an understatement. The vocals grow louder and more boisterous as the song progresses until they sound angelic, breathy, and warm, and then explode again with a wonderful force. What I loved was the sensation that AOIFE is capable of cutting through the “White Noise” to deliver a loud and clear message, and how this beautiful performance culminates into the declaration, "Ex-lover of mine I wish you the best ''. In addition to all of this, the supporting instrumentation is laden with synths, bold guitars, and drums that possess rock and roll amalgamated with an orchestra for a tsunami of sound. This song is a must-listen.

AOIFE "White Noise" music review in The Cage, a music blog by Cage Riot
Photo Courtesy of AOIFE

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