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Alibi Hits Hard With Their Second Single "Anglia"

Alibi "The Cage" a music discovery blog by Cage Riot / Review by Craig Claro
Courtesy of Alibi

By: Craig Claro

Alibi hits hard with the rock and roll track "Anglia". ALLLLLLRIGHT!!!!! This track hits hard right off the jump and I have to say immediately if anyone can "sing" as gritty as the guitarists on this track then singer - Laurie Blayney will show you they can! A voice like two sand-covered stones gently rubbed and then simultaneously smashed together when belting but also out a fierce - but also mellow (is that possible - yes listen and you will know!) blend of sounds. This is what rock and roll is made of!!! An old leather jacket with all of its imperfect and worn characteristics makes up the most unique and wonderful end result.

The band shares, "We feel born in the shadow of bright times. Rock 'n' roll is in a tricky place, people are saying it's on its last legs. Our generation don't have our own anthems, our own big bands. We think it's probably time someone changes that, someone has to after all".

That perfectly describes the voice of Laurie Blayney. The hard-hitting undertones are supplied by the band comprised of Lead Guitar - Stan Thompson, Rhythm Guitar - Connor Stratton, Bass - Joe Toone, and Drums - Mickey, and this ensemble fulfills the same worn but leather boots of this band. If a wall of music that almost sounds as if each member is competing (and winning) to be the hardest-hitting member then we have another perfect example of the grit of this song. Beautifully mixed, the vocals are presented so well by allowing them to sit perfectly and then enhancing the band when just right allowing me to thrash about in my chair in public but it’s LA (so I am ignored as I am the least of the visual distractions lol), props to the team - recorded at Echo Ray Studios in North London, produced by Tuck Nelson and Fergal McBride. Here are a few highlights I didn’t want to leave out. This song was written in about 15 minutes and so was Mr Brownstone and Ain't No Rest for the Wicked plus many other huge hits - If you know then you know!!

Alibi - review in The Cage, Cage Riot Music Magazine
Photo courtesy of Alibi

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