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Abigail Bleu “50/50” is Classical All On Its Own.

Updated: May 31, 2023

Courtesy of Abigail Bleu

By Craig Claro

With an intro to a classic Beatles song, the sexy plus enchanting voice in Abigail Bleu's “50/50” is a lovely take on today's current sound. As we mentioned the moment we heard the crisp guitar strumming that is the backbone of this song, we got retro vibes. Upon listening on repeat, my mindset on Rod Stewart's You're in My Heart, is an all-time fav for this writer. Thanks for the teleport retro ride. The harmonies and supporting music blend into a beat that we almost didn't know was missing when it then slid into the song, yet we cannot get it out of our heads. What a fantastic combination of music to create a "now" sound that's unique because of its ingredients of old and new. “50/50s” lyrics make us feel love has a chance and in this song, it sounds like Abigail's is stronger than ever. When we heard the vintage "fade out" outro we had the AHA moment.. now knowing this song had purposely brought us to this audible destination. Finally, the polished and fluid vocals spin this track into a song where I can see a whole room of lovers embracing and creating cherished memories. Sometimes that's what makes a song a classic all on its own. Great job!

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