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Alternative artist, Svicideghost, new single "Sticks & Stones" resembles self reflection and emotional conversations, allowing his lyrical and musicianship sparkle.

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Listen to Sticks & Stones Here

Angry and expressive, Svicideghost really unloads grief and despair in this dark listen. - The Cage



Worcester, MA |October 9, 2022:  Svicideghost the epithet for Christopher Francis Chuilli is a singer, songwriter, rapper. With a breakthrough in his musical career after the release of his first hit single “Orange In Black” in October 2021 which was then followed by a single “Bones” and a debut EP “When I’m Gone” which was released in February 2022. 


Svicideghost has songs written which have heavy self-reflection, suspending himself in emotions which he feels helps him write more significantly. With his heart wrenching lyrics and tones of the early 2000s’ emo voice, he certainly does interact with the character within himself. It’s an exercise that makes him deal with his ardour in a better way.


And now the new single “Sticks & Stones” is a step further in his journey. It’s starts with a guitar strumming chords, overlayed with a little synth elements, basslines and subdued drums and Sivicideghost opening up with “We were younger so much dumber…” you suddenly get the emo, pop punk, alternative vibes that Chuilli wants to deliver. As the song progresses it opens up even more with the drums getting heavier, his vocals getting louder and dynamic, pushing the song upwards.

It’s as he wants to narrate his innermost emotions about what he’s going through. He says, “This song is based on events that happened during and after the covid 19 pandemic. With myself losing an exceedingly close friend due to their personal insecurities and animosity towards myself without doing or knowing what I did to have them be this way towards me. As well as myself trying to move on from the situation realizing that people's emotions of that magnitude can be very hurtful not only towards the person who holds onto that animosity but also towards others such as myself.”  He then goes on to say, “Personal goal of mine is to have these songs I create and hopefully one day help others as music as helped me through good and bad times in my life. As long as I am making music I will always put in 100% to create the best music I can for others as well as myself."


As the song progresses Svicideghost sketches a perfect song of self reflection, revealing how good of an artist he is. With this single, his distinctive characteristics as a musician glistens. “Stick & Stones" replicates the sensation of self-talk with your own subconscious and your inner thoughts. One could say Sivicideghost has at least put his emotions in a creative use challenging him to go beyond his previously set musical boundaries.

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FFO:    Lil Peep  -  nothing,nowhere.

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Christopher Francis Chuilli better known as his stage name Svicideghost, Is and American singer, rapper, songwriter. In the beginning of October 2021 Svicideghost emerged onto the scene with his first hit single “Orange In Black” with his heart wrenching lyrics and tones of early 2000’s emo voice. He took over the scene quick. Following hit single came his next release “Bones” as well as the debut EP “When I’m Gone” released mid February of 2022


Residing in Worcester MA, Svicideghost has made a known name for himself all around the east and west coast as well as starting to reach outside the U.S. itself. 

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