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Unveiling the Hidden Gems of "Girl Code" by Edie Yvonne

Updated: Apr 25

EDIE YVONNE  "Girl Code"  The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot
Photo Courtesy of Edie Yvonne

"Girl Code" by Edie Yvonne shares the obvious with the song's title, but a hidden gem won this writer over. 

I connected with this song's message using dramatic and enthralling vocals.

Early on, Edie Yvonne tells us: You always have my back just to stab it you go find me a boy just to grab him."

Oof...the lyrics literally made me feel the physical pain of being screwed by a bestie with (guy code, friend code, etc... keep going. Many relationships can apply here) and the thoughts of my smiling friend and our most endearing life experiences together, especially with finding love, being stolen right from under my nose!!! Why do people go through all this effort to ruin it all!?!?!?

I became fixated on the vocal display after moving on from that particular anger. I thought the connection of the vocals to the lyrical meaning and story was outstanding by audibly describing the tremendous disappointment and melancholy a "friend" can deliver to our emotions.  

Musically, the beats punch, and it helps maintain the listener's attention. The arrangement soars and propels the vocals home even harder.

Later in the song, I noticed an incredible and unique mix and musical presentation that I would spoil (but I don't think I can come close to delivering the same sensation as actually listening to Girl Code by Edie Yvonne), so here it is. Early in the song, some unusual and unique editing and production methods carry on to the end. When it ended, it won me over, and the music itself was foreshadowing the song when usually that's something embedded into the lyrics, not the music itself. It was a perfectly laid out, grand, and exemplary idea, making this song a hit in my book. Ok, I told you, but it's only enough to make you want to run and check out this song, right?

Girl Code is ready for its own screenplay and would make a great movie. If so, I'm prepared for the first screening. Come on, two besties, and the whole week starts with them falling for that perfect guy. Then, when Edie Yvonne shows up for the date, it's already been stolen because the Girl Code was violated. How will it end... I don't know. It's for Edie Yvonne to lay down some more lyrics.

Check out Girl Code by Edie Yvonne on all platforms today!

EDIE YVONNE "Girl Code"  The Cage, a discovery music blog powered by Cage Riot
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